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5 November 

Up to date at last. Can't promise that I can keep it up but as I said before I am managing to stitch each day. It is the photography and posting that is the difficulty.
I have had to find a larger box to keep the finished work in and it is only two months into the project. The September and October darns were mounted or worked on small canvases. November is teabag month.
Now back to stitching.

work in progress

Not quite up to date as I am waiting for suitable daylight to do the photography for 3rd and 4th November. more soon.

30 October post

Todays up date of darn a day has taken a time to do. I have been quite busy with preparation for the new MA course and getting all the paper work up to date.
I have commented before on how the samples are more easily done than the posting and another issue is that now there are 60 samples mounted on small canvases I need a bigger container to keep them in.

9 October 2016 update

I am still keeping up with the darns but not managing to be consistent with posting.
I am missing being in London at the Knitting and Stitching show but have to admit that that I would not have managed to do it as the start of term with a new course takes a lot of time. As always it is my own work that takes second place.
Though I do have plans and have made maquettes, croquis and started to sample on a larger scale. It is just finding a block of time to get on with it now.
For anyone who may be looking for me at Alexandra Palace I am sorry to miss you but I will be at Harrogate with the MA Creative Pattern Cutting students on our Post Graduate stand.

daily darn catch up.

A bit of a gap from the last daily darn images due to the time of year.
MA assessment quickly followed by enrolment of new group, plus meeting undergrad's and preparation for the start of term made finding time to upload difficult. Though all this makes the act of stitching everyday vitally important.
September is also a big month for family birthdays.
This month the common background for each darn has been the small canvas frame that each one has been worked onto or mounted on. I am going to try to vary the background each month, though there will be repeats.

Daily Darns

It is more than a week since the darn-a-day project began so here are more darns added to the darn-a-day page to keep up to date. 
Things at the day job,University of Huddersfieldare building up again for the start of the new academic year so posting the darns may become more spasmodic but I am looking forward to the new students and particularly the start of the MA Creative Pattern Cutting as I am the course leader. We also have fashion students starting on  MA Fashion and Textile Practice it is exciting to see the courses grow.

Why I stitch as I do

Today I have posted another darn and thought that I would let you know why I stitch as I do.
My 'darned obsession' began when I was five and my teacher looked at the elbow of my cardigan and said to another teacher 
"what a beautiful darn". I was so proud of my mother and enjoyed the reflected glory. After that I learned to darn and the rest you can guess.
I don't intend to post my daily darns every day but in batches about every week but thought that I would send a few more today.

daily darns

I will the daily darns when I can though they will come in groups of various sizes.
I am now up to day five. Check them out on the darn-a-day page.

Catch up September 2016

I have come to the conclusion that I am not a natural blogger.
Though I do read many student blogs as part of my job so I am trying to become a more frequent writer at least.
My latest work is in progress but as part of a separate task I have set myself is to produce a darn- a- day I will get into the habit of visiting my web-site more frequently and therefore may be posting on this blog more regularly.
In a few weeks time my new students for the MA Creative Pattern Cutting at theUniversity of Huddersfield

after a long time!

It's been a long time. My last visit was early in 2013 when I was trying to improve. 
I am clearly not a natural blogger but I do intend to try 
personal and University life has got in the way for a while.
In the summer of 2014 I had the privilege of being invited to New Zealand by the New Zealand Embroiderers' Guild to teach workshops during and after their conference. I was there for 5 weeks and traveled teaching in both the North and the South island. More of this later.

My latest stitching news is that I have just returned from Melton Mowbray where I have been working with a wonderful group of women who have been darning away for the week end.

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