Hilary Hollingworth - artist

Daily Darns

It is more than a week since the darn-a-day project began so here are more darns added to the darn-a-day page to keep up to date. 
Things at the day job, University of Huddersfield are building up again for the start of the new academic year so posting the darns may become more spasmodic but I am looking forward to the new students and particularly the start of the MA Creative Pattern Cutting as I am the course leader. We also have fashion students starting on  MA Fashion and Textile Practice it is exciting to see the courses grow. Working with such enthusiastic people is rewarding and challenging though the problem for me is that it takes me away from my own work.
Monday is the School of Art, Design and Architecture away day at The  Hepworth Wakefield which will feed the soul I am sure.