Hilary Hollingworth - artist
The Beginning 

First the concept

Darn-a-day is a project that I have set for myself to help me to make stitching everyday a priority, it will develop as time goes on and as I set the rules that is OK. My signature technique is Darned weave and so it will be arguable wether a piece is darned or woven but as I make the rules there will be a bit of both.

The work will be influenced by the day, the history, the weather, my thoughts my activities can all impact on the development of the darn. I think that this is OK. What is a slight concern if the daily darn becomes a displacement activity, preventing me from getting down to the more serious work of developing art textile pieces. I will have to keep an eye on this.

The work in progress

It is proving to be so difficult to keep up with the photography and uploading of the daily darns that the original thought of doing it day by day is impossible to manage. Finding the right time to do the photograph, edit and then the time to up load was very time consuming. So my thought is that I will do this at the end of each month.
My rules so I can adjust them.

  I am pleased that I am keeping the daily darns going.


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