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Hilary Hollingworth was born and grew up in Lancashire where she still lives. She studied design at art school and worked as a 
Though she trained and worked in the fashion industry and loves fashion this aspect of her work she considers to  complement her stitched textile work.Fashion designer.

She has recently retired from her position as a senior lecturer and Course Leader for the MA Creative Pattern Cutting at the University of Huddersfield.
As part of her work at Huddersfield as she had been a regular visitor to Hong Kong. Her research work focused on the development of visual research techniques for undergraduates in fashion and textiles and on developing teaching and learning techniques in pattern making. This research is into ways to encourage the use of self- generated visual and textual research in this age of down loading. In 2011 she presented a paper and the 'Outside' Conference at the University that discussed items in her personal collection of Indian garments.
In  2013 and 2016 her papers on teaching creative pattern making  'How do you teach a kind of Magic' and 'Myths, Mysteries and Legends' presented at 'The International Symposium of Creative Pattern Cutting.
I am  a textile artist who works with fabric and thread to design and produce a variety of work mainly, though not exclusively, with hand stitch techniques. Hilary has developed  a personal way of using darning/ needle weave to produce original art textile work reflects my background and travels. The pieces sometimes tell stories, sometimes the work colourful, suited to interior decoration produced from her drawings and photographs from traveling.  
In her work she explores the form and structure of cloth and the process of creating fabric using needle and thread.

Her textile art work has been exhibited in Britain, Europe and USA and is in private collections. 
She lectures and teaches her hand stitch techniques in workshops to organised groups drawing on her own textile art work and experience as examples.
The way of working is to work out ideas using her drawings and photo collage to develop a design often using the darn/ weave technique to make the stitched piece.  She understands that it can be difficult to work from your own photographs when they seem to be complete so starting with a copy and random bits and pieces can help to break the barriers.
This is how  the process begins. The next stage is to draw from the collage and finally begin to move into textiles and stitch.

Contact Hilary if you are interested in her work or would like details of the workshops and lectures. 


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