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3 February 2017

Time to upload the images of January's Darns. This time darned on calico teabags.
16 January 2017

2016  Now up to date as I have added darns up to the end of December. 

15 January20 17
Too long without posting but life has just squeezed out time to upload the images of my daily darns.
I have managed to keep up with the darns but not the posting them. Getting down to it today but it will be a few days before I am up to date.

26 November 2016
Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate is full of must see exhibitions and great suppliers. I was there for the first two days helping with the University of Huddersfield Post graduate stand with some of the MA Creative Pattern Cutting Students. There was much interest in the MA courses and  it was good that people could speak to students who are doing the course.
It was good to see some old friends and catch up with latest news. The extra upstairs space is great and the Learning Curve studios have good light and are quieter because of  the higher ceiling. I am looking forward to next year.

!8 November 16
It is time to get ready for Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show it is very different this year as I am there only for 2 days to set up our MA Creative Pattern Cutting stand Q10. The stand will be  looked after by the Students 
who are going to talk to visitors about their work.
I will be back next year though as I am preparing for a larger exhibition at all the shows.

8 October 16
I am feeling a bit strange at the moment for the first time in many years I am not showing at The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. I will have to wait until Harrogate to see the show.
The reason is that I am the course leader of the MA Creative Pattern Cutting and it is only the 2nd week of teaching. The students on the course are an enthusiastic group with very good proposals and I am very excited at the prospect of working with them.
We are having a stand for the post graduate courses at Harrogate and beginning to plan for this.

My Darn-a-day page is up to date,so far so good.
Though I do have some concerns about it taking up too much of my stitching time in photography, uploading and posting. Also it will be tempting to fool myself into becoming complacent, thinking that I am working hard on stitch, and not doing the hard stuff of working on the larger narrative works that I have planned.
As for daily darns  I will try to set up a basket of things to work within keep them on hand for evenings. Maybe changing the contents at times and throwing in things that I find to prevent repetition. 

After another busy year I have at last got to updating my news. Last Summer I was in Stirling,Scotland, teaching at the Scottish branches of the Embroiderer's Summer School. It was a lovely experience working with groups of enthusiastic stitchers and seeing the other tutors. I enjoyed being able to share my favourite stitch technique and pieces from my Indian collection. I always try new things before a class and preparing for these classes I found that my mind was full of ideas for my own work. Though some have disappeared before I got around to working on them!
I have also revised my article on A way of Working that was on Workshop on the Web some years ago. I was asked to do this for Stitch Magazine and it appeared in a recent copy of the publication.
Much of the past year has been taken up with work for the University of Huddersfield where I am the course leader for the new MA Creative Pattern Cutting and though I am excited about this it will take my time away from my stitching.
I have been working with more weave this year and I hope to keep up posting images of a project that I have set for myself called
'a darn a day'. Actually I don't think I will manage to post on each day but instead put them up in batches. I am beginning from the 1st September and will see how it goes. Please watch out for it as I will set up a page for the images. I should add that some of the darns can be categorised as weaves but will fit in the spirit of my 'darn weave' technique.

If you are interested in the work on this website or would like to commission work please use the form on the contact  page.

I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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